Cho thuê căn hộ kiểu Nhật ơ Ecopark - Mr. Ngô

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Mr. Ngô

Hotline: 6543234556


Địa chỉ: Ba Đình, Hà Nội


Apartment for rent; Japanese style; Westbay - Ecopark City. 

Renter shall pay monthly expenses such as: internet, cable tv, city water, electricity. Suitable for Japanese or Korean and Expats. 

Total area: 50m2; Living room-kitchen :26m2; Bedroom 1: 10m2; Bedroom 2: 5,1m2; Bathroom: 3,8m2; Balcony: 3,5m2.
Fully equipped: TV, comfortable sofa; smart-space saving dining table; Refrigerator, IH cooker, electric cooker, ventilation hood, IH stove, pots and pans, bowls and dishes, spoons, folks (made in Japan). Washing machine. 24/24 security. Outdoor pool, gyms fitness. 

Rental: $800/month; (negotiable) 

Room 2519, 25th floor, C building, Westbay - Ecopark City. 

Contact: Ms Ngan; 0963291366;



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